PB Dupe Snowflake Sign

The DIY I’m sharing this week is a Pottery Barn dupe. I saw this sign on their website and loved it but it was $250 on SALE. So I decided to try and recreate it.

Supplies needed:

2 bags driftwood sticks from Hobby Lobby

10 .5x3x2 pine project boards

Mitre Saw

Air nailer with 1” brad nails or drill/screws


Wood glue

White paint (I used BM Dove White)

Paint roller

First I laid out the base of the snowflake with the whole driftwood pieces.

The next part can be dangerous and you need to be very careful to make the cuts safely. The driftwood sticks are so small, you can’t hold them with your fingers to make the cuts. I had my husband hold the stick down firmly with a piece of scrap wood while I made the mitre cut.

This way we were able to keep our hands far enough away from the saw to be safe. Another note to point out is these pieces are so small that some of them flew off the saw when being cut. We did it on our driveway so it was fine, but you wouldn’t want to make the cuts without safety glasses. Am I inspiring you yet?!? 🤪😂

Next I laid out all the mitre cut driftwood sticks into the snowflake.

Next is the plank sign. I used 0.5x3x3’ project pine boards and cut them down to 2’ once I knew how big the snowflake was going to be. If I would’ve known beforehand, I would’ve bought 2’ pine boards to save myself some mitre saw cuts.

I painted the ends of the boards before nailing them together as it would’ve been more tedious to paint them once the sign was put together since I staggered the ends.

After air nailing in the boards to keep the planks secure, I painted the sign white. I then laid out the snowflake on the sign and used wood glue to lay the pieces in place. I thought I was going to have to use the air nailer in addition to the wood glue to secure the sticks, but turns out, wood glue is serious stuff. So that is the last step!

It’s not quite as perfect as the Pottery Barn version but I spent less than $40 on this instead of $250 🙌🏻. Annnnnnd I got to practice my power tool skills.

Tag me if you make one, I’d love to see it! And click HERE for another Christmas DIY by Marie from @this.dear.casa. I love her unique take on this adorable advent calendar!

Happy holiday crafting,


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